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This is something we all need to manage during these tough times

No matter what work we do or what form of play we pursue, we all get tired, which is as it should be. The important sequel to this fact is that we must have a sufficient amount of rest in order to perform the next task, or play the next game that awaits us. The truth of this is often other looked and under estimated in our hurly-burly civilisation. Occasionally someone we know breaks down from overdoing it. The rest of us are sympathetic, and go on our way without reflecting much on the reason.

No matter what work we do or what form of play we pursue, we all get tired
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More often than we think, fatigue is the cause and as most of us do not know when we are getting tired, we keep going until it’s too late. The symptoms of fatigue are as varied as pebbles on a beach, yet the only type we recognise as such is the feeling we describe as “being physically exhausted”. This, however, generally comes from muscular exertion. It is the sort experienced by the manual labourer, the farmer and the athlete, and attacks the rest of us when we have used muscles that are unaccustomed to exercise. The simple remedy for it is physical rest until the poisons that have accumulated in the body are washed out and energy returns.

But bloggers are effected as well

For most people who write blogs mental fatigue is a problem, and on the other hand is the commonest complaint of our day. Mental fatigue is a condition triggered by prolonged cognitive activity. Basically, it sends your brain into overdrive, leaving you exhausted, hampering your productivity and overall cognitive function. It is the result of over concentration, worry or other mental strain. The type of rest which best drives it out is physical exercise, so that the blood may be forced from the brain into other parts of the body.

Walking, for example, is an ideal exercise for the brain worker!

Walking, for example, is an ideal exercise for the brain worker!
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Obvious significance lies in the fact that those engaged in physical exercises, are to a large extent exempt from diseases of the circulation. Constant brain workers, as well as victims of prolonged worry or distress of mind, and those who are prone to excesses of various kinds, pay but little heed to the signal of an overworked brain in the way of headache, insomnia, mental fatigue, and other manifestations indicating circulatory conditions not consistent with health.

Did you know

Fatigue is all too often ignored as the underlying cause of irritability, listlessness, and a “run down” condition in children. It is well for parents to consider the hours of sleep, kind of food, and the mental activities of the child in order to ascertain whether they may not be the cause of an abnormal fatigue which has lowered the resistance. One of the chief causes of disease in both children and adults is malnutrition, in which fatigue is an important factor. For an overtired body frequently means an overtired stomach, with a resultant loss of appetite.

Malnutrition and other illnesses resulting from fatigue are contributing factors in developing many diseases. Although it is altogether normal and healthful to work until one is tired, the dangers of over fatigue for most are still underestimated. It is important for all to balance our life styles taking into consideration of this factor. Stay healthy and safe!

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