The 11th Day of August

The Beatles First Film Was Released 1964

A Hard Day’s Night is a musical comedy film released on the 11th August, 1964 in the US. Directed by Richard Lester and starring the English rock band the Beatles. It was written by Alun Owen and originally released by United Artists. The film portrays 36 hours in the lives of the group.

The film was a financial and critical success. Forty years after its release, Time magazine rated it as one of the 100 all-time great films. The film is credited as being one of the most influential of all musical films, inspiring numerous spy films, the Monkees’ television show and pop music videos.

The Beatles First Film Was Released 1964

 In 1999, the British Film Institute ranked it the 88th greatest British film of the 20th century. A Hard Day’s Night set records at the London Pavilion by grossing over $20,000 in the first week, ultimately becoming so popular that more than 1,600 prints were in circulation simultaneously.

Extra Note: Watch The Remastered Trailer.

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