The Cyclonic Four By Four Trip

The weather was threatening as the bus appeared
You can pick another day, you know my dear
She climbed on board to escape the rain
Reckless and wild pumping through her veins

She said she only had this one time
To fulfil this recurring dream of mine
So please take my money I am happy to pay
I’ll find a seat and we can get on our way

Reluctantly the driver walks down the aisle
Counting the numbers that make the boss smile
The lights stop flashing, they’re ready to go
Fuels burning fast as they head down the road

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They slowly manoeuvre on to the sandy track
Engage four wheel drive, and there’s no going back
The engine starts thumping and clunking in rhyme
the driver’s fighting and trying to waste no time

As they speed through the forest hugging the turns
Bouncing over bogs and through the storm water surge
The driver starts to panic and he comes to a stop
There’s something in the way he explains to the lot

There’s a car bogged to the belly right here in front
And I can’t get around it because of that stump
So come on you boys come lend me your hands
Together we’ll push this car right out of the sands

We travelled all day and visited each spot
Winding and twisting and bouncing a lot
We swam and we walked and took in the views
While the driver just waited, probably reading the news

At the end of all the driver said thanks allot
We gave him a clap, shook his hand as we got off
We all went home exhausted, with a smile on our face
As we fell asleep we dreamt of this place

By: Shine
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