We’re all in this together

It’s like the common cold not something you want to know
Still new to all of us so we are just learning about this fuse
Spreading faster than the flu, just a droplet can infect you
Just stay away from any person, showing signs of coughing and spurting

If you cough or if you sneeze, remember no one has immunity
Keep everything nice and clean and hope they find a vaccine
Social distancing is the new rule, touching is no longer cool
It’s your duty to take care and I believe that’s pretty fair

Were all in this together
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

So if you’re sick don’t be a fool, stick to the new rule
Don’t go to work or school, stay at home for a few
This helps lower the curve, self isolate is the new word
The infected cases will go down and we’ll run this thing out of town

If we work together we will all be fine, a solution they will find
It’s the psychosocial side of this which is causing a lot of stress
So relax and stay cool, follow the new recommended rules
And remember were all in this together

By: Shine
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