Chapter 3, Second Visit 54 BC

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National and Domestic History of England, Magna Charta, writen by W.H.S. Aubrey in 1869.

Chapter 3, 55 BC to 78 AD – Julius Caesar

During the winter active preparations were carried on by the Romans in Gaul for a renewed descent in the following year. Upwards of eight hundred galleys and transports were collected or built, to carry five legions of infantry, or more than thirty thousand men, and two thousand cavalry, with provisions, and military engines. In the spring of the year 54 Bc., Caesar embarked with this large and well appointed armament, at the same port, and sailed for the coast near to where he had formerly landed, at a spot which he had selected as being the most convenient for disembarkation. This time, the Britons Read More >>>

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