7th Day of October

2008 – Asteroid 2008 TC3 impacts the Earth

2008 TC3 was an 80-tonne, 4.1-meter (13 ft) diameter asteroid that entered Earth’s atmosphere on October 7th, 2008.

The asteroid was discovered by Richard A. Kowalski at the Catalina Sky Survey 1.5-meter telescope at Mount Lemmon, north of Tucson, Arizona, US, on October 6, 06:39 UTC, 19 hours before the impact.

The meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere above northern Sudan at 02:46 UTC (05:46 local time) on October 7, 2008, with a velocity of 12.8 kilometres per second (29,000 mph) at an azimuth of 281 degrees and an altitude angle of 19 degrees to the local horizon and exploded at an estimated 37 kilometres (23 mi) above the Nubian Desert in Sudan.

2008 – Asteroid 2008 TC3 impacts the Earth

Some 600 meteorites, weighing a total of 10.5 kilograms (23.1 lb), were recovered; many of these belonged to a rare type known as ureilites, which contain, among other minerals, nanodiamonds.

It was the first time that an asteroid impact had been predicted before its entry into the atmosphere as a meteor.

Extra Note: Asteroids of this size hit Earth about two or three times a year.

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