Back To Work Now, Poetry

When I was young they told me working was the way
You make someone money and then you get paid
Now that I’m older and wiser I still don’t understand
Why they say life and working go hand in hand

Now we’ve just had some time off locked away
Covid’s the reason we stayed home every day
But now the time has come to get out the shirts
Cause you gotta get ready to go back to work

Back to Work Now
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The alarm starts screaming really early each day
Those really nice sleep ins have now gone away
You need to get up now if you want to be paid
You will have a better life if you do it this way

So you’re back to work now slaving away
The boss pushes harder to pave the new way
You can’t stop from thinking about all those days
Staying home with your family, but you know it won’t pay

Now you come home each evening to see life’s past you by
This thing they call working isn’t easy you say with a sigh
But you know you must do it if you want to get by
The bills keep on coming they don’t subside

Some day you’ll retire but the families moved away
You will be older wishing to relive those days
So don’t spend your life working every day
Spend time with your family keep the bankers and bosses at bay

By: Shine

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