Die To It, Poetry

By Rosie

Die to it, die to it over and over

Die to it till you no longer feel this physical vessel of Alcatraz

Die to it till you feel your spaciousness, your eternal infinite limitless self

Die to it till the vessel feels neutralised

Fatcowco Poetry
Photo by Nelly Aran on Pexels.com

Die to it till you have no inside for you are the inside, the outside, the upside

Die to it till you meet and reunify with the oneness you are

Die to it till you meet this, meet you, and meet all of you everywhere at once

Die to it without fear, go deeper and deeper

Die to it want it, want it more than anything, to return to yourself

It is here after this false death, that you will see feel and know

That there is no need to be afraid for you will and have always existed

How blessed am I to have died to it. And yet here I am.

By: Shine

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