Beautiful Winnepesaukee, Poetry

Beautiful Winnepesaukee

Where the mountains in the distance, regal in their splendour rise
Kissed by sunset in its beauty, as it slowly fades and dies
Lies the fairest gem of nature, sit in wondrous shades of green
Glints from noble forest treetops, lighted by the sunshine’s sheen

Gay the music of the wind songs, riding on the whitecaps wild
Smooth the path of sturdy steamer, when the storm clouds are beguiled
Into swift and silent passage, like the eagle over the lake
Ere he furls his spreading pinions, lights on bear or rattlesnake

Beautiful Winnepesaukee
The Broads,Lake Winnepesaukee A. H.Beardsley

Cozy hamlets, restful harbors, dot the coast where sunbeams smile
And the Ossipees, so friendly, guard the waters, mile on mile
Happy land, where peace aboundeth, and the twilight birds in flight
Blend their swift wing’s busy whirring, with the echoes of the night

Charming lake of lasting memories, you upon the heartstrings play
Dancing, rippling, coxing, urging, till our hearts you steal away
And we leave them among your islands, rising in the waters blue
Leave them in your kindly keeping, till again we come to you

By Agnes Barney Young

By: Shine

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Reference: Photo-Era Magazine. Published by A H Beardsley 1924

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