Mother Natures Wrath, Poetry

We’ve seen nothing like this since the last great recession
The world has closed shop and the countries are fighting
The people are frightened yes they’re worried you see
They just want for it to end and get back normality

But Mother Nature she must have something to say
She has turned on us and nothing stands in her way
She’s telling us loudly that this is not good
She sends out her message so she’s understood

We must listen to her if we want to continue to play
In her garden so peaceful where the animals stay
We need to forget about the money as it stands in the way
Show respect for each other, helping out everyday

 But some people are greedy and they want us to pay
They don’t care how many people get in their way
They leave you down trodden to get what they want
Push you out front to protect what they got

Mother Natures Wrath
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Not caring for country or not caring about me and you
We needed Mother Nature to start coming through
We need to open their eyes up and show them the way
If we all work together it will pave the way

If we don’t fix this problem the end might be near
But it is possible to fix this, so please don’t you fear
If we all join together we can start to mend
We will fix this and we can all be happy again

So don’t be pessimistic as you know this is true
Or Mother Nature and her fury might come after you
Just do the right thing, for what is it worth?
We need the money makers to come back down to earth

By: Shine

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