Who’s Farming Who?

I was talking to an old man in a bar a while back who had a crazy but interesting theory. His theory questioned who was farming who?  Are we humans farming the vegetation or is the vegetation farming us!

Burowdy forest at Fraser Island.

He said the first land based vegetation appeared just under 500 million years ago, while our human ancestors appeared only about 6 million years ago. So the vegetation has survived the earth’s natural holocausts for way longer than man and will probably be here for way longer too.

He said vegetation was like an ant colony; you have the plants which are the disposable workers and then up the hierarchy are the trees which are like the Queen ants, which we know some trees have lived for thousands of years.

Now we all know that vegetation produces oxygen, we humans and other mammals can’t live very long without it, a few minutes. Vegetation needs carbon dioxide to produce the oxygen through photosynthesizes which comes from many natural sources like fires, volcanoes, weather events and even the decomposition its own waste in the ground.

Pile Valley at Fraser Island.

Vegetation provides us with food and resources to build a safe and comfortable environment to live in, just like we provide food and a safe environment for the animals we consume. Vegetation can create its own food source by the decomposition of its own waste in the ground. We humans can’t survive without the vitamins we get from vegetation.

The old man’s point being we depend upon vegetation to survive. The vegetation doesn’t depend on us humans, it was doing just fine without us for millions of years. Then we die and we go back into the earth and provide more nutrients for the vegetation to feed on. Yes in theory they eat us along with all the other living breathing mammals on the earth!

So is there more to what the old man was saying, have the trees created a giant farm of mammals to feed on in their own inconspicuous way? Are we missing the meaning of life, is it all about the trees and not the number 42? Is mankind living in a matrix created by the Trees?

Who knows but you’ll probably never look at a tree the same again!

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By: Shine

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