A Covid Tale, Poetry

I have a tale to tell you
But I don’t know where to start
It’s enough to make a grown man cry
Enough to break your heart

It spread all around the world
Where the tourists like to play
They’re now told to stay at home
Day after day

A Covid Tale, Poetry
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Now if any one feels wheezy or
Coughs and wipes their nose
They’re locked up for 14 days
To make sure it doesn’t grow

Now you might think that’s bad enough
But the next bit’s about your health
Cause if you end up finding it
That’s another story in itself

You will sit there emotionless
Looking straight ahead
Pretending everything was fine
But wishing you were dead

They put a stick right up your nose
And wiggle it round and round
Tear drops fall from your eyes
But you dare not make a sound

And now at night when you’re alone
It sometimes makes you laugh
This comes once in a hundred years
And you missed that photograph

They say your results are here
Your heart pounds in fear
Wishing this would disappear
You go just for the view

You search your mind for words
How to tell it to your peers
You saw an opportunity
You thought the end was near

So all the overseas revellers
Get ready for that day
They will open up the borders soon
And you can come and stay

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By: Shine

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