Chapter 2, Laws of Ethelbert of Kent

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National and Domestic History of England, Magna Charta, writen by W.H.S. Aubrey in 1869.

Book 2, Chapter 2, 597 AD to 827 AD – Ethelbert of Kent – Continued

 The reign of Ethelbert lasted fifty six years. Before his death he published a code of laws to regulate the administration of justice. For this improvement he was indebted to the suggestions of the missionaries, who, though they had been accustomed to the forms and decisions of Roman jurisprudence, did not, in legislating for the Saxons, attempt to abolish the national notions of equity, but wisely retained the principle of pecuniary compensation, a principle universally prevalent in the northern nations. Those crimes which appeared the most repugnant to the wellbeing of society, were scrupulously  Read More >>>

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