Top 5: Parent and Progeny Duets

At Fatcowco we love to see people out and about showing their skills in what ever art they are good at. Below is a list of the 5 best parent and progeny duets on Youtube, enjoy!

Moo 1:

Father and son duet Dad and Dan sing and play all the instruments themselves and they have covered a Fatcowco favourite.

Moo 2:

15 yr old Savanna and father Mat just wanted a place to share their music. They are now a youtube success.

Moo 3:

 Mother and Daughter duet Misty and Chanique Mariah sing Royals by Lorde, sounds great.

Moo 4:

Tim and Cameron, father and son from Brisbane, Australia. Perform a golden oldy. Great guitar duet.

Moo 5:

Karolina Protsenko has made it big time on Youtube. Here is a duet with her father.

Father and Daughter not in top 5 but this will make you feel good!

5-year-old Claire and her father Dave Crosby sing this cute feel good song.

PS: If you know of any talented people, Moo Fat Cow Co. They love to see and support them!

Everybody’s sharing it!

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