Chapter 2, Supremacy of Wessex Established

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National and Domestic History of England, Magna Charta, writen by W.H.S. Aubrey in 1869.

Book 2, Chapter 2, 597 AD to 827 AD – King Egbert – Continued

Not that Egbert was the first king of England, uniting under his own rule all parts and tribes, (as some historians have fallen into the mistake of supposing, the fact being that the English monarchy, properly so called, did not begin to exist until one hundred years after the death of Egbert) but that partly by conquest, and partly by skilful negotiation and affiances, he succeeded in establishing the supremacy of the kingdom of Wessex over the other states, some of which were merged into it, while others retained a separate existence, but paid annual tribute. So was effected the practical junction of the scattered bands whose ancestors had Read More >>>

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