23rd Day of January

1957 – Birth of the Frisbee

Walter Fredrick “Fred” Morrison (January 23, 1920 in Richfield, Utah – February 9, 2010) was an American inventor and entrepreneur, who invented the Frisbee.

Morrison stated that the original idea for a flying disc toy came to him in 1937, while throwing a popcorn can lid with his girlfriend, Lucile Eleanor “Lu” Nay (1920–1987), whom he later married on April 3, 1939 in Los Angeles, California.

1957 – Birth of the Frisbee

The popcorn can lid soon dented which led to the discovery that cake pans flew better and were more common.

A year later, Morrison and Lu were offered 25 cents for a cake pan that they were tossing back and forth on a Santa Monica, California beach.

Morrison and Lu developed a little business selling “Flyin’ Cake Pans” which he called the Pluto Platter, on the beaches of Los Angeles.

On January 23, 1957, they sold the rights for the Pluto Platter to the Wham-O toy company who marketed the toy solely as the “Pluto Platter”, but by June 1957 they also began using the name Frisbee after learning that college students in the Northeast were calling the Pluto Platter by that name.

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