14th Day of February

1966 – Australian currency is decimalized

Most countries have decimalised their currencies, converting them from non-decimal sub-units to a decimal system, with one basic currency unit and sub-units that are to a power of 10, most commonly 100 and exceptionally 1000; and sometimes at the same time changing the name of the currency or the conversion rate to the new currency.

Australia decimalised on 14 February 1966, with the Australian dollars replacing the Australian pound.

1966 – Australian currency is decimalized

A television campaign containing a memorable jingle, sung to the tune of Click Go the Shears, was used to help the public to understand the changes.

Russia was the first country to convert to a decimal currency when it decimalised under Tsar Peter the Great in 1704, resulting in the ruble being equal to 100 kopeks.

Extra Note: Today, only two countries have non-decimal currencies

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