8th Day of March

1910 – The first woman to receive a pilot’s license

Raymonde de Laroche (August 22, 1882 – July 18, 1918), is thought to be the first woman to pilot a plane.

In October 1909, de Laroche appealed to her friend, aviator and aeroplane builder Charles Voisin, to instruct her in how to fly.

On 22 October 1909, de Laroche went to the Voisin brothers’ base of operations at Chalons, 90 miles (140 km) east of Paris.

1910 – The first woman to receive a pilot's license

Voisin’s aircraft could seat only one person, so she operated the plane by herself while he stood on the ground and gave instructions.

After she mastered taxiing around the airfield, she lifted off and flew 300 yards (270 m)

She did become the world’s first licensed female pilot on 8 March, 1910.

She received the 36th aeroplane pilot’s licence issued by the Aeroclub de France, the world’s first organization to issue pilot licences.

At the time, pilot licences were only required for pilots operating aircraft for commercial purposes.

Extra Note: De Laroche’s flight is often cited as the first by a woman in a powered heavier-than-air craft; there is evidence that two other women, P. Van Pottelsberghe and Thérèse Peltier, had flown the previous year with Henri Farman and Delagrange respectively as passengers but not as pilots.

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