About Fat Cow Co

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Fat Cow Co launched in June 2020 with a single goal: to share the pleasure of stories and articles for those who have had the opportunity to develop an appreciation of the lighter side of life.

What We Moo!

In January 2020 the Covid 19 virus struck the world forcing many people out of work. We here at Fat Cow Co have had a lifelong love of everything on the lighter side. While acknowledging that there is plenty of boring blogs/feeds out there, we are determined to showcase material that is anything but. During the national lockdown daily blogs/feeds have been launched to a small group of family and friends. By the end of the 30-day onslaught, those family and friends confessed that they had actually enjoyed many of the blogs/feeds. The response to the blogs/feeds was so positive, in fact, they begged us to continue. So, for as long as life allows we will endeavour to provide your daily dose!

Everyday, we are striving to grow our archive for your edification and enjoyment, with a new blog/feed added nearly every day. You will like some blogs/feeds more than others, just as you like certain sports, singers and movies more than others, because we all have different tastes and this, of course, is what makes life interesting. Your daily dose simply hopes to add a bit more interest to your life through the diversity of the blogs/feeds, which have been individually selected to irrefutably prove that life can be outrageous, inspiring, hilarious, heartbreaking, sobering, surprising and, yes, even boring, but you won’t find the latter here!

Thank you for visiting; enjoy.

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