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Come visit Fraser Island, Its great mate!

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All About Me!

Hi, my name is Stephen Hine hence the name Shine, most of my mates would call me “No more cookies”. I think that’s because I’m a big boy loving good food especially cookies. When I wrote this in 2020 I was the grand age of 54 which most people these days say is quite young, but two hundred years ago you were lucky to make it to this age. So I bless my lucky stars everyday for letting me get this far, considering I’ve spent most of my life thinking I’m an 18 year old.

So I was born in a small town in north western New South Wales, Australia called Moree. Moree was a small wheatbelt town which turned to cotton when the wheat market dropped. My grand farther was the mare of Moree and Grand Po Bar of the Freemasons. He started the first dairy farm in the region, so I spent a lot of my young life helping my uncles on the farm. The home stead if you would call it that, were we lived with my grand parents, was just out of town near a Aboriginal camp. I can still picture in my mind seeing the fire and sounds in the distance where the Aborigines would be singing and dancing to the Didgeridoo’s.

At the age of seven my parents packed us all up and moved to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia were I finished my school life at a private school. I think the only reason the school accepted me was because I was a good football player, I wasn’t the ideal student failing most subjects and always in trouble for doing something.

After the school years I worked in the Hotel industry for 4 years, which I exceled. But soon got sick of the city life and went travelling around Australia seasonal working on farms, in hotels and many other jobs that I fancied doing at the time. I loved Scuba diving, surfing, motor bikes and bow hunting wild boars, goats, foxes, cats, dogs and buffalo and spent many years working for professional shooters. Drank hard and partied hard.

At the age of 28 I decided it was time to settle down and start thinking about having a family of my own before it was too late. So I gave up my traveling, bows and arrows and diving gear and packed up and moved to Western Australia where my all time teenage love was living. My teenage crush was a girl called Linda who I had met at age 16 on a wild night out with the boys, at The Rocks, Sydney, NSW on New Years Eve. We had dated on and off and kept in touch all those years and the flame was still there.

We started our family and settled down in Western Australia. Being a new father and having all the new responsibilities I needed to change careers so I went back to school and studied Software Engineering. Which being a failure at early school I surprised myself that I was even capable. I finished my Diploma and started work as a programmer for various companies and have worked on major government projects. The main area I worked was programming in, VB, C#, C, Java etc. I worked in the programming industry for over 20 years building websites, business software etc.

My wife Linda and I have lived for the last 10 years in Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia, still happily married and making the most of what we have. I have worked as a 4×4 bus driver/ tour guide on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia, now for 8 years. It’s probably the best job I have ever had.

There is never a dull moment in this job, but I don’t think I will be able to do this job, as fun as it is, all the way till my retirement. It’s pretty full on all day with rugged adventure, they say Fraser Island is the most dangerous island in the world, and it does live up to its reputation. You have probably seen it on the news at some stage, I have even had my own incidence which got more world media coverage then prince Harry visiting.

So it was time to find something to see me into my senior years and maybe beyond. I have had the WordPress world pointed out to me many times in my life and thought I should give it a go, which has led me to where I am now.

We have had the pleasure of raring 3 beautiful children now living their own life’s, one boy and two girls who have grown up and have turned out very successful. So it’s time to get out and enjoy life with no strings attached and hopefully in a bit of comfort.

Thank you for visiting and the cuppa. Keep enjoying my posts.

PS: I also love music, I play guitar, drums and I’ll give any other instrument a go. I quite often play for the guests of an evening while on tour.

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